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The software company XEOMETRIC has been developing specific industry solutions for the construction planning process for 30 years. Our ELITECAD website gives you an insight into model-oriented architecture planning, BIM technology and design-model cost calculations.


ELITECAD Achitecture

ELITECAD Achitecture & Architecture Small Business
ELITECAD Architecture is the unlimited, professional 3D planning software package for architects, town planners and interior designers. The Architecture version allows you to plan several buildings at the same time. All architecture functions, such as parametrics for walls, ceilings, windows, roofs, stairs, professional rendering, graphic quantity surveying, extensive interfaces and libraries, are available to you. The functional scope of the full version also enables you to define free-form surfaces and model free 3D objects.

ELITECAD Architecture Small Business

ELITECAD Architecture Small Business is the basic solution for ELITECAD technology. It is limited to 3 storeys and does not have free 3D definition. It can be expanded with individual storeys, free 3D definitions or an upgrade to the full version. The data is always forwards compatible.

Product range



Corresponding modules are available for the parametric-based planning of terrains and drainage, and for designing cul-de-sacs using tractrix curves.

Product range