Company profile


XEOMETRIC develops and distributes state-of-the-art software for planning and construction. Our flagship product ELITECAD combines more than three decades of experience with latest programming technologies into one of the leading all-in-one products on the market.


Our promise of quality

Values of society, we strongly believe in:

Trust – Responsibility – Integrity – Candidness – Honesty and Fairness

We believe the basis for a successful customer relationship is respect. As a result, our products are undergoing intensive testing before we deliver to our customers. We only hire experts for our Premium-Support, so you and your employees receive fast, precise and detail-oriented results with the help of state-of-the-art remote maintenance tools. We are continuously working on improving and developing our software. We react to individual customer feedback and try to anticipate future market trends. At the same time, we integrate the latest hard- and software-standards. This way we can provide you with a high quality product, developed according to the latest insights and knowledge at the given time – modern and simple to use.


Our philosophy

XEOMETRIC is known for the thorough and detail-oriented country-specific configuration of its products. The connection between the relevant and up-to-date norms and standards serves as the basis for efficient planning and construction.

Today XEOMETRIC is successfully operating world-wide with resellers on all continents. A dense network of partners ensures qualified on-site support in more than 25 countries. Special competence centers in Austria, Germany and Switzerland guarantee exceptional support for customers in our native markets.

XEOMETRIC releases Upgrades at fair prices in continuous cycles. In general no task is too audacious for us: On demand we also develop custom extensions and adaptions!

Dipl. Ing. Dr. Wolfgang Stöger

Our CEO, our team

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Wolfgang Stöger has been leading the company for many years. Since 1994 he has been responsible for the development of the software products of XEOMETRIC GmbH. With his team he has shaped ELITECAD significantly by implementing latest technology standards. The long term continuity, foresight and clear goal-oriented operating principles have served as the basis for the continuous success of the company.

The market success of ELITECAD and the continuous growth of XEOMETRIC are the result of an unparalleled multi-disciplinary team, who is actively living the company slogan “The Future is our Business”. The company culture enables information exchange and inspired discussions about experiences and socializing in virtual worlds between Computer Scientists and Digital Natives. Software Engineers, Mathematicians, Psychologists and Usability experts, Architects and builders, Industrial Designers and constructers all work together to continuously deliver the best ELITECAD of all times.


Our history

The roots of XEOMETRIC, the company, and ELITECAD, the product are in Linz, Austria. In the early 1980s the Engineering-Service provider HAN Dataport started to employ computer-technology for handling and construction of large scale drawings. At the time, the necessary software still had to be developed, and as a result became a major success.
Soon after, CAD400 was successfully introduced at many big international companies. With 3D modelers on the rise, the time for a completely new development of the CAD kernel, under the code name ELITE, had come. This advanced product was delivered to customers in 1995. Initially designed for the world of interconnected workstations and the UNIX operating system, the software was soon after ported to Windows. In 2001 the company was modernized and reestablished as Messerli Informatik GmbH, the branding of the software products was adapted to today’s ELITECAD. Following the continuous expansion into more and more markets and linguistic regions, the next step on the evolutionary ladder followed: Since 2017 we are XEOMETRIC®!


Our future

XEOMETRIC puts a special focus on Research and Development and the topic is regarded as essential for the future of the company. We are steadily engaging in cooperations with universities and educational institutions and actively contributing to platforms like buildingSMART and Open Design Alliance as well as maintaining collaborations with technology partners like Spatial Technologies and Microsoft. That way we can ensure that ELITECAD customers are able to use cutting-edge functionalities ahead of time, which sometimes obtain buzzword-status only years later.




Our markets

ELITECAD Architecture is a powerful CAD software for architecture and the building industry. The installation is individually scalable – we support architecture studios with one workstation as well as general contractors with 30 installations or more.

ELITECAD Architecture integrates Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Reality(VR) with state-of-the-art 3D CAD technology. The result is a highly optimized collaboration between all parties involved in planning, building and management of a project.

Our products BIM2COST for the Swiss market and BIM2AVA as integrated component of provide a holistic solution for cost estimation, AVA and building controlling or can be employed as integrated planning and management tools for building and facility management services inside an ERP environment.

ELITECAD Mechanics is a powerful CAD software for plant construction and special machine building. The installation is individually scalable – we support offices with single workstations as well as large scale companies with more than 100 installations, depending on your requirements, as 3D CAD system or in a 2D version.

The future is our business, be part of it!